Thursday, September 1, 2011

92. Pierre Javelle & Akiko Ida

I just love Pierre Javelle and Akiko Ida's works. They created their own yummy world. Who said we didn't have the right to play with food? I am glad these two incredible photographers did not listen to this saying and decided to have pure fun. 
The food looks absolutely incredible. Plus, the titles of each photograph are funny too, I personally (tried) translated them in order to keep the fun going:

 "Canicule" - "Heatwave"

 "Coupure" - "Breaking"

 "Grenade" (In French, "grenade" also means pomegranate.)

 "Les Intrus" - "The Intruders"


 "Mont Blanc"

 "Le pêché de gourmandise" - "The sin of greediness"

 "Peinture fraîche" - "Fresh paint"

 "Petits poids" - "Little weights" (In French, "peas" is "petits pois", a cool pun here!)

 "Plaisirs nautiques" - "Nautical pleasures"

 "Sauveur de crème" - "Cream savior"

 "Serial killer"


Visit their website to see more cool stuff!

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  1. C'est génial ce qu'il fait ! J'adore ! bisous !


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