Wednesday, April 6, 2011

60. Remember


I remember
hiding, crying,
cowering, screaming,
begging God to end my life

I remember
my disappointment
in waking each and every day
and how I cursed his name, in anger

I remember
so many years
wasted in despair
as I died a little each day

I remember
the day I was freed
badly frightened I was
that there was nothing left of me

I remember
falling in love
and finally feeling
that I truly am alive

I remember
what I was before
thankful for what I am
and for oh so much more

I will remember
the life I have been shown
that was given me by those I love
It is all of you I will forever remember

Angela Davis, 1976

1 comment:

  1. Fight on brothers and sisters! There is always a struggle somewhere in nature! Always fight for what is right. Welcome each other as a friend in peace, and for those who don't get this, let's band together until we overcome all hate! Right on Angela, thank you!


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